Legacy Protection is How We Serve

Statistics say 60% of women don’t have wills. Statistics also say women tend to live longer than their male counterparts.

So why do such a high percentage of women not have proper estate planning documents in place? 

It’s not negligence. It’s because women are just now getting behind the wheel to make their own financial decisions. 

Women are powerful. They run businesses, buy real estate, invest their money and many are the firsts in their families to break the mold. 

Creating an estate plan is the next natural step to protecting the life you are creating for you and your family. Whether you are married or single, have children or not, run a business or are climbing the corporate ladder, you deserve to have an estate plan in place.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is no longer just for the wealthy or people with a ton of assets. Estate planning is for everyone, from single people with debt, to married couples with no kids, to families with tons of kids and many properties. Everyone from millennials to the elderly deserve to have control over their future. That’s why I created Carmen Rosas Law - YOUR legacy protection firm. I realized women like me needed someone like me to explain estate planning in a way that was easy to understand. Some down-to-earth, yet knowledgeable that could help them protect their legacy.


In our easy 1-2-3 process, you can have your estate plan done, get peace of mind and continue creating the legacy you crave.

Step 1: Get clear on the legacy you’re protecting

Learn about all the documents that make up an estate plan. Identify your key people and take inventory of your assets.

Step 2: Decide what options are best for you

Based on Step 1, you will determine the best documents for you. Then, we prepare your legal documents.

Step 3: Complete your plan

Once you have reviewed your drafts, you’ll sit down to execute and finalize the documents. Notify your key people and store your documents in a safe space.

Yes, it’s that easy!

What’s Included in Your plan?

Not only do we provide estate planning services, but we also assist with protecting
your business legacy through entity formation and trademarks.

Want more information on
how you can protect your legacy?