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Estate Planning and Legacy protection

We help individuals protect their families, wealth, and peace of mind with quality legal planning.


…..that gets excited about the work you’re doing in the world, the business you’re building, the family you’re raising and the generational patterns you’re breaking?

If so, NOW is the time to secure and protect your assets to create a legacy that will carry on for generations with a uniquely designed, just-for-you California estate plan. 

We are a Woman of Color and female-owned law firm dedicated to help you worry less and live freely.

We have your back. We know how hard you’ve been working. Sit back and relax as we handle the legal stuff. It’s time for you to get back your peace of mind.

Hello Friend.

I’m Carmen!

 Founder of Carmen Rosas Law, APC– YOUR legacy protection firm.  We are who you call before anything goes wrong.  

Born and raised in California, I am a native of the Bay Area. As a first-gen Latina, daughter to an immigrant, first college graduate and the only attorney in my family, I understand what it means to lead the way. 

Client Love

For a transparent discussion about fees for California living trusts, wills, power of attorneys or other probate matters, contact our office for an appointment. We offer California estate planning and business continuity services to clients in all areas including Menlo Park, Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Belmont, San Mateo estate planning, San Diego, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, San Diego, San Francisco, and more.